Add me as a freind Im new here trying to bring unity of Jesus accross the world Im Apostle Nick United Fellowship of Jesus

Hello group. I'm new to SC. I am a Certified Addiction & Abuse Recovery Coach. I specialize in porn and sex addiction as well as other types of sexual bondage and unwanted sexual behaviors. I was an addict for over 30 years. It's a brain problem as much as a moral problem and trying harder will never work. 68% of men in the evangelical church today view porn on a regular basis. It is one of hell's master plans and impacts a person's wealth (even if it's only your time, health (mental health especially), and relationships. I look forward to getting to know the group and networking with as many of you as possible. Thanks for reading.

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This Group is for the Entrepreneur, Business Owners, 1099 Contractor who believes in the Lord and places all he/she has under the authority of Christ.