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Gale Gibson

Gale Gibson

Female. Lives in Wyoming, United States.
Fasting Forward
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WELCOME TO FASTING FORWARD! This Page is a TEACHING page, created to help three kinds of people:  those who have never fasted before, those who don't really understand fasting, and those who have fasted in the past but want to get more out of their times of fasting.  Contributors to this Page are a group of Born Again Believers who fast and pray at various times to seek revelation and deeper intimacy with our Heavenly Father, as led by Holy Spirit, through the Finished Work of Jesus our Lord and Saviour! . Discussions about fasting and prayer is part of  healthy, regular, church discipleship, as we learn and grow together.  As people learn about fasting and prayer, there are questions, concerns, and observations that arise.  And since Christianity is not a cold dead religion that is closed to questioning, it's important and valuable to be free to openly discuss our questions  Thats how we grow and learn together as a Body.  Please don't leave ugly comments about how "fasting is supposed to be in private".  Indeed everyone is well aware that when we fast we aren't to announce it with a bull horn from the rooftop for the purpose of receiving attention and admiration from others.  So instead of broadcasting your fast for the purpose of gaining praise from people, realize you are free to ask questions, talk about your experiences, but make sure your motive is a heart after God not the praises of men.    If you are so rigid and religious that you believe the ONLY motive a person can possibly have for talking about fasting, is the motive of trying to draw attention to oneself, then this page is not for you.  . We are all on our OWN INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY to know our kind God more intimately, and EACH of us is "where we are" in our journey, as we "Learn and Grow" more and more in His power and light.  I would like to emphasize that our walk with God, really IS our own walk... and it will not be like anyone else's walk. Please, let's respect one another's journey. And please, let's remember that God has promised that He will complete that which He has begun in us... and in others also. . Personally I thank God that our life in Christ is NOT one of "Pass or Fail"... but is more "Learn and Grow". Amen? . IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS GROUP: I encourage you to SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE VERY BEGINNING of these group posts and read each article and watch each video over a period of time.  This Page is not really a "daily post" kind of Page, but it is more of a Fasting RESOURCE and ENCOURAGEMENT that you can browse through at any time, and particularly whenever you are fasting yourself.   I promise that you will gain an incredibly RICH UNDERSTANDING of Biblical Fasting, and it will most certainly have a powerful impact upon your Life as a Believer from this point forward. God works through Fasting to open our understanding and hear from Him in ways that absolutely defy human explanation!   . LASTLY:  I feel it is important to mention that Fasting is NOT DIETING. If you are fasting in order to lose weight then your motives are not correct. And likewise, Fasting does NOT motivate God to do something for us that He wouldn't do otherwise. If you are fasting in order to "manipulate" God, or "earn" something from God, then your motives are not correct. . Fasting changes US it doesn't change God. Fasting causes us to say NO to our flesh, which causes us to walk more by our spirit. Since it is our spirit which is in communion with God, the result is that we begin to hear Him more clearly, and receive revelation from Holy Spirit more easily.  Fasting clears our head, so to speak. . I pray that Fasting Forward is a blessing to each one of you. I pray that in some way, it makes an Eternal difference, and that our fellowship here brings glory to God. And I fully trust it will.  Let us all be kind and encouraging to one another, and let us express OUTSTANDING GRACE toward one another as we are each at different places in our maturity and revelation. Amen?
Gale Gibson
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Amber Thrapp
I Am Healed
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I Am Healed was created for people suffering and struggling with chronic or terminal sickness or pain.  I Am Healed is a place of encouragement and hope, to BUILD FAITH, so you will UNDERSTAND God's Word and Will for healing, and subsequently RECEIVE the healing Jesus offers to whosoever believes.  Faith comes by SATURATING yourself in God's Healing Truth (faith comes by exposing yourself to MORE Truth than you are exposing yourself to any other thing). The more you saturate yourself in the Truth about healing, the stronger your faith will grow.  And then YOU will join the hundreds of thousands of others who proclaim with great joy, "I AM HEALED"!