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December 13, 2022
"You can help us by donating.  Your support is crucial to our efforts to grow to reach more people for Jesus!"
January 26, 2022
"It is easy to join our prayer chat group and we will be glad to pray with you!"
January 12, 2022
"A radio station for JESUS CHRIST alone, proclaiming to the generations of Hampton Roads and beyond; be not ashamed of the Gospel “Go into the world and preach the good news to all creation."
December 29, 2021
"LifeCampUSA is a Christian mentoring camp that was developed to help fill the huge need for young men to learn what it looks like to be a real man in today’s world. The camp helps boys in 6th-8th grade who have lost their father as a result of their service in the military or law-enforcement fields or to suicide as a result of these careers."