ChiaChatter (Sherry) Peters
by on January 1, 2022

We have had our 7YO and 12YO grandkids here with us for a few days this week. On New Year's Eve - yesterday - when I had planned to post this, we were REALLY busy. We took them out on our Friday errands, and out to eat, then came home and put groceries away. When I got them settled watching Veggie Tales so I could sit down and put up this post, I sat down alright...and woke up over an hour later! If you follow my updates/microblog posts* you will understand that...anyway, when I woke up it was time for Lyra and I to get our stuff together and join Pete and Leelan in Junior (our travel trailer/guest house/Pete's ham shack) for our New Year's Eve party. And there you have it...the reason these were not posted in a timely matter! However, I hope you will enjoy them anyway!
*(NOTE for Savior Connect users: I will now be posting my microblog updates as statuses on my timeline here.)

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