ChiaChatter (Sherry) Peters
by on January 16, 2022

These memes have been resized for formatting purposes; should you need them, originals can be found HERE.

God was relieving St. Peter at the Pearly Gates one day when 2 dogs and a cat arrived.

God said to the first dog, a labrador, "Why should I allow you into heaven ?"

The dog replied "I was a loyal dog to my master and I drowned after I had saved his baby son in a flood"

"Excellent" replied God, "You can now enter"

"And why should you be allowed into heaven" God asked the second dog.

"I was awarded a canine bravery medal 3 times while I lived as a police dog and died in the line of duty protecting civilians during a hostage siege"

"You most certainly have earned entry to heaven" said God.

God then turned to the cat and asked "Why should you be allowed into heaven"

The cat replied "I believe you're sitting in my chair"

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