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by on February 15, 2022

Since nobody complained or mentioned to me that the lack of optimizing in yesterday's memes was a problem, I think I'll save myself the time and continue to serve them up "as is"! Great idea! 😉

















A stranger walks into a small town bar in the midwest. The type of place where the same people are there every day, and everyone knows everyone else's business. He can tell the bartender is curious about who he is, so he explains that he just moved from Ireland.

He then orders 3 pints of beer all at once, and sits down and drinks them. He does this every week at the same time for a while. Being the small town that it is, people are nosy, and it doesn't take long before someone comes up to ask him why he does that.

He explains: "I have two brothers, and we all recently parted ways. One of my brothers moved to England, one stayed in Ireland, and I moved here. When we all lived together, we would go and get a pint of beer on every Friday. Now we drink 3 as though the others are there with us, to remember each other"

Eventually, this explanation makes its way to everyone. And after some time, he becomes just one of the other people in the town, with everyone familiar with his quirks and habits.

One day, the man walks in for his usual ritual, only this time her only orders 2 pints. No one knows what to say, because they assume this means one of the brothers is dead. Many of the people in the town get together, and decide to show their support.

The next week, when the man walks in, he finds that many people have bought flowers, written cards, and are generally supporting him. Curious as to why, he asks what it was all for.

The bartender says: "We're just trying to show you that we are here for you and that we're sorry for your loss"

The man pauses for a second, confused. Then he laughs and says: "Oh, because I ordered only 2 beers. Don't worry, both my brothers are alive and well. It's just that I've given up drinking for lent"

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