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A good meal, in a good setting, with good people having good conversations can make for a great experience together.

Food, by definition, is any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth. Not too long ago, I was reading a book with a line that read, “Two topics that impact everyone, whether you are interested in them or not: health and money.” Our health can be traced back to our genetics, but with proper nutrients, a balanced lifestyle and time, our bodies were made to be able to heal themselves from a lot of issues. However, when I think of food, I think more than just a meal to sustain our lives. A meal can bring people together just like music can.

For several years I’ve been in a band that our whole crew loves food. We would often recall the places we played associated with places we ate. Memories were made through meals we shared. I could say the same about my family as I grew up having dinners at the table as a family about every night.

To prepare a good meal for family or friends, you first need good ingredients. I’m sure we all have a mom, grandma or know someone who has once said, after receiving compliments on their cooking, that it was made with love. Before gathering your ingredients, you first need a healthy dose of love and devotion. I wrote a two-part series earlier this year on the topic. The first part is that you may love what you do, but are you devoted to doing it? Secondly, are you devoted to loving the people you’ve been entrusted with (the audience)?

I’d like to share another quote I recently came across. “Diets don't work because they do not help you maintain a lifestyle change.” As we go through each of these ingredients, I want you to be open to change. I want you to be open to trying new things while still be true to yourself. However, this is not a diet. This needs to be a lifestyle. There are no quick fixes or easy routes to becoming a great performer. It takes a lifestyle change to put in the work and to embody the moment created in your rehearsal space that you recreate onstage.

Below is the list of “ingredients” that I believe make up a great live show experience for both the artist and the audience. We’ll dive into each of these individually starting with the foundation in my next blog post.



#1 - Foundation

#2 - Fundamentals

#3 - Freedom (To Follow)

#4 - Filler

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