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ChiaChatter (Sherry) Peters
by on July 9, 2022

Today we got the rest of our stuff - the stuff we wanted, anyway - out of the house we sold last week. It's been a journey, for many reasons that I won't go into here. But the last few months have been especially rough, only made easier by the fact that our buyer is a man with a kind heart and a helpful spirit. There's no doubt in my mind that God orchestrated the process from beginning to end.

A friend of mind has been living in the house almost since we moved out in 2015 to live in our motorhome and travel. When I told her back in early March that I had decided to sell, I found out that a friend she is not. So much water under the bridge these last few months, so many words that expressed her true heart, and learning that she could never have been a real friend, given the things that she has said about me to so many others... That kind of betrayal is something with which I haven't had much experience...and to the very day that he took possession she was still there, refusing to leave...

At any rate, the buyer has been incredibly helpful with the situation. He knew how to manage it, and was happy to do so. He could have walked away, she could have ruined the sale, but as I said God had His hand on the entire process. I still have to deal with the feelings about it all but that will come in time as always.

Last night I had such great trepidation about going back to the house that I loved, it was a life's dream when we bought it. But then there was the other dream, that of downsizing, simplifying, and making travel possible. And then this dream, of living in our quiet place, rural and secluded and quiet. So the time came to let go of the house at Houghton Lake that we bought with so much joy and hope in 2005. I was sure, however, that I would get there and mourn and regret and grieve not only the house that I loved, in the the area I had loved, but everything that it represented about my past and future plans. During the entire night last night (except the 3 hours I slept) I had this burden on my heart.

I was so thankful today with the buyer and his teenage son whom I'd hired to help with the heavy lifting, they were just as upbeat and fun and helpful and made everything go so smoothly. With the changes they'd already made it didn't even feel like my house anymore, and the Lord kept my current dreams and life in Him continually in my mind. As we went through what we needed to go through there He kept my mind and thoughts stayed on our little bit of tranquility and peace here in our motorhome on the river in the woods...and rather than mourn my leaving the place I had loved for so long I couldn't wait to get back to this place I love now.

As for what will happen with my former friend, I don't know - that is up to God because I can't even think about it. But I am so glad the day is over, and the new chapter that has already begun, can continue.

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Well written; praying for you. Thanks for sharing.
July 9, 2022