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It can be a perfect enhancement or a total distraction

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the the final round.

As I said in the beginning of this series, in cooking shows or any reality competition show for that matter, many talented individuals join but contestants are eliminated each round. This is due to their underperformance or by being out-performed by the others. The same holds true in music.

If you’re reading this, your music and your message still has a purpose and has a platform to be shared. It takes a constant pursuit to create a memorable experience for you and your audience, and you’re ready to take some bigger leaps forward.

I mentioned how I see artists and their management teams put an emphasis on adding lighting and other special FX to their show without working on establishing a good foundation first. I’m an advocate for added production. If the budget allows, I’m all for dreaming and creating something spectacular in a live show, but all of that is filler. Filler needs to be those finishing touches on what is already the masterpiece.

I shared how my wife doesn’t enjoy burritos when they split open and the contents spill out. It’s great if you wanted a burrito bowl, but when you want to enjoy it in a nice warm tortilla, spillage makes it unappealing. Likewise, to get to the custard filling of a donut, the center of a Tootsie Pop or enjoy that sweet taste of Italy in a Cannoli, you will notice they are all wrapped and supported with a firm outer layer. The filling is purposely placed inside a solid form.

It’s not just the filling flung into a box, served on a plate or sold as a glob on a sucker stick.


What is filler?

Production and Technology



Stage lighting, special FX, video walls and stage props all enhance an artist’s performance or a church’s worship experience. However, that’s how it should be used — as an enhancement. Not as a crutch, not in place of, not to distract or take away from, but rather to enrich the overall performance and experience. If there is nothing to put the filler into, what is it’s purpose? We all know it tastes good, but what is it there for? Why use the production and technology if we have no message and no purpose? You might as well hang up the towel because people don’t want a relationship with stuff or with filling and fluff; they want a relationship with YOU. If they don’t feel a connection with you, your career is in jeopardy of fading away.

There you have it, my key ingredients to creating an impactful and memorable performance for you and your audience.


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