So, as I was writing all the activities for my newly published book(s) called Vacation Bible School - Gospel to Every Nation, all I could think about was when we were in Sierra Leone, Africa--our most recent Mission venue. You see, it was in Sierra Leone that I was inspired to complete the books I had started earlier in 2021. But, while there, a very young Missionary--from that country--heard me talking about our American youth and young-adult ministries, and the fact that our next genertion desperately need to be taught about Jesus in order for them to see the need for developing a true relationship with our Savior. I mentioned the curriculum that I had started a few months earlier, and the young missionary asked if I could find some time to wirte a curriculum for them to have a 3-week Vacation Bible School program--that very same Summer. You see, they have never experienced VBS before, and that would be their first time launching anything like that there in Sierra Leone. Three months later, they piloted the VBS curriculum which would soon thereafter become my 2 published books (students' and teachers' editions) called Vacation Bible School - Gospel to Every Nation!  God is good! Our missions and teaching partners in Sierra Leone served over 200 students at VBS in 2022, plus many of the parents who also came out to experience the lessons and teachings about JESUS! Also in the number, were several Muslims who accepted Jesus as Savior, when they discovered--through the curriculum's teachngs--who JESUS is! In the Gospel of Mark, our Lord told us to go into all the world and preache the Gospel (the Good News of Jesus Christ) to every creature. I feel honored to be able to travel and teach, preach and encourage souls to come to JESUS! There is so much eternal value in doing what Jesus told us to do! So, the book is published and available on Amazon--both the Teacher's and Student's copies. It will bless you.

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