We can list all day long the weaknesses of the Church, but as long as we are humans and here in our physical bodies, there will be weaknesses in the church. Christ Himself says “the gates of hell will not prevail against” but we, the supposed members of the Church, seem to spend all our time highlighting those “faults” instead of doing what we were called to do… lol it is soooo very exhausting. Let’s get to doing Kingdom work, and stop wasting time on the insignificant.
Jesus’s entire ministry was about doing Kingdom work—being about His Father’s business. Jesus is our example in all regards! In everything! He told us to “take up our cross and follow” HIM. He should be our ultimate example, and that applies to our work in the Kingdom. I encourage you to find someone to help today, taking that first step to obeying Christ’s commission—or maybe you need to return to Kingdom work as you did prior to Covid-19! God bless you. 😊
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