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Troy Dellinger
by on July 13, 2023
Full and Partial Preterism are both heresy. Beware of views that deny the return of Christ or say that Jesus returned 2,000 years ago and that it was just a local event. Jesus warned against these false views. Jesus warned that many would say He's there or lo here or lo there or somewhere in the desert and not to believe them Luke 17:21. Because the Bible says that the return of Christ is a global event not a local one and that the whole world would witness it. Jesus said as lightning shines from the east and even to the west so shall the coming of the Son of Man be Matthew 24:27. The whole world and the universe will literally be engulfed into flames when the Lord comes back. That obviously hasnt happened yet. If it did I would not be here typing this like I am now lol. Preterism denies the magnificance of the Return of Christ and diminishes it which is blasphemy. It also denies the Lords promise of the New Heaven and New Earth which means they believe this corrupt world as it is will go on forever and ever with its sin, suffering, sickness, and death. It's a damnable false teaching and it leads to hell. If you're a preterist you need to repent.
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