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by on March 24, 2024

Dominic  the donkey would sit around daydreaming that he was like Bucephalus: Famous Horse of the Conqueror. That was all he wanted in life. Day after day, he would daydream. If only he could be like Bucephalus, he would be a famous horse, but he was just a donkey. 

He went around pretending to be in the Roman calvary. He desired to have a king sit upon him and ride through the city. All the other donkeys would sit and laugh at him. Some would say, " Dominic, you're a donkey, not a horse, you silly goose."

  When Jesus and His disciples approached Jerusalem, Jesus commanded two of His disciples to go into a village (name not mentioned) and retrieve a colt with its mother Furthermore, Jesus gave the two disciples the response they would provide if anyone asked why they were taking the donkey and the colt .

The two disciples did as Jesus commanded and found the colt and donkey at the village entrance. Also, some bystanders questioned them, and the disciples used the reply which Jesus had given them: “The Lord has need of it.” This response satisfied the owners, and they let the disciples take the colt and donkey.

As the disciples were taking the donkeys to Jesus, Dominic  turned and asked, "Mama, where are these men taking us?" His mother answered him, saying. The men said that the Lord needs us."  Dominic's mama replied."Jesus needs us, but why mama?" Dominic questioned her. "Yes, he does." How does Jesus need us, Mama?" "I don't  know Dominic."His mama returned. " Is he going to heal me? cause I'm not sick, Mama, Dominic stated. He's not."  Well, what then, Mama?" " I don't know Dominic, let's walk the rest of the way being quiet asking no more questions.

Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, often called the Triumphal Entry, had to do with Jesus being the King of the Jews. The way Jesus entered Jerusalem was similar to what happened in those days at the coronation of a king. Messiah and kingship were closely linked in the Old Testament.

However, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a young donkey that no one had ever ridden before (Luke 19:30). This created a peculiar scene, contrary to the usual majestic processions, which often accompanied kings in those days. This naturally raises the question, "Why did Jesus ride a donkey?"

As we should expect, this was intentional. There is much divine meaning embedded in the fact that Jesus rode a young donkey. We can point to at least three significant factors:

Jesus is King. First, it’s important to note in this passage that Jesus is accepting His title as King of the Jews. He entered Jerusalem, the city of David and the city of kings. Upon their coronation, kings would commonly ride in on a mount to distinguish themselves from the rest of the people. Jesus did not ride just any donkey, but He chose to ride on a colt that no one had ever ridden. It was an honor for Jesus to be the first to ride the colt. This is part of His public acknowledgment that He was their King. 

All the way home, Dominic smiled from ear to ear. Because his dream had actually come true. He had been riden by a king.

As soon as they arrived, Dominic ran to find the other colts so that he could tell that his dream had come true. Donny , Dominic's little brother just hee hawed and hee hawed. "Oh Dominic your so funny. Nobody or a king has ever rode you." All the other little donkeys joined in laughing at Dominic. Tears began to run down his face because Dominic knew it was true. Mama came around the corner saying. " Now you boys stop teasing your brother like that. " " But mama, Dominic is telling lies about  a king riding on him." " Donny, Dominic isn't telling a lie. Jesus the Messiah rode Dominic into town. Word on the street is that Jesus is the King of the Jews and the King of Kings." Mama proudly stated. Dominics brother all said in unison. "Really mama?" " Yes children really." " Wow!" Donny chimed in. See I told you a king rode me." Dominic proudly exclaimed.

Jesus chose not to ride a horse into town.Riding a donkey has a major religious and emblematic significance in the Bible's stories about Jesus.

In the olden days, kings and significant people rode donkeys. By riding one, Jesus told His supporters and people of Jerusalem that He was a king. It was a way of showing that He had divine authority.

The donkey also symbolizes peace. Unlike a horse which symbolize peace and is a sign of war, a donkey symbolizes peace and stands for meekness and peace. Jesus chose to ride a donkey to fulfill a prophecy in the Book of Zechariah: "Behold, your king is coming to you, humble and mounted on a donkey."

Dominic proudly stuck his chest out and took a deep breath, saying. "Jesus chose me! I was chosen. Thank you, Jesus, for making my dream come true."



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