How to save a post on the browser version of Savior Connect

1. Click on the downward arrow in the top right of the post you want to save.
2. In the dropdown menu select “Save Post”
3. The post has now been saved!

Your saved posts are stored under the menu item “Saved Posts”.

Here is a shortcut link to access your previously Saved Posts -

How to post photos and videos on Savior Connect.

1. Click on home button to visit the main feed or visit your profile page.
2. You will see a box near the top of each page that says "What's going on? ..." Tap or click in this box.
3. Type your posts and/or use the buttons to add media to your message (such as a photo or video)
4. You will be provided the option to select your photos and/or videos.
5. After your media has been added to your post, click Share and it will be published on Savior Connect!

How to add photos to your existing album on the desktop version of Savior Connect.

1. Click on home in the top left of the screen to see the "main feed".
2. On the left side you will see the menu option "Albums"
3. Open the album to which you want to add photos.
4. Click on the downward arrow in the top right of the post.
5. Click "Add Photos" in the dropdown.
6. A grey box with "Choose image" will appear. Click on it, select your phots), and wait for them to finish uploading.
7. Click the red "Publish" button at the bottom of the screen.
8. Your photos have now been added to the album!

Here is the shortcut link to Albums:

Albums -

How to add a user as a friend.

1. Visit the user's profile either by taping on their face/name or using the search feature.
2. You will see 3 (or 4) buttons below their avatar on their profile page. Tap the blue button on the left that contains the "person and + sign".
3. You have now sent a friend request!

The user will now have to accept your friend request.

Important note - If the user has sent YOU a friend request, the button will be green instead of blue. When you tap on the green button you will be accepting their friend request to you.

How to block a user from seeing or contacting you on Savior Connect. The following instructions are for the process on the desktop version of the site.

1. Visit the user's profile.
2. Click the "3 dots" menu item in the middle of their cover image.
3. Select "Block User"

The user will no longer be able to see or contact you on Savior Connect nor will you be able to see them.

Important note - if someone is posting or sending inappropriate messages, or bothering you, please report their content or reach out to us at so we can rectify the situation.


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