Why I'm NOT An Independent Fundamental Baptist
I Agree With Many Of The Beliefs And Doctrines Of The Independent Fundamental Baptist Church.  I Would Agree With Them That we Are Saved By Grace Through Faith, This Is What we, Orthodox Christians Believe As Well.  I Agree Withe The IFB That The Bible Is The Final Speaking Of God.  I Agree WIth Them That homosexuality is an abomination.  I Would Agree With Them to call out sin and expose evil along with those committing evil.  I Would Agree Water Baptism doesn't Save, Jesus Saves.  I Would Agree With them that babblings are not Tongues.  I would also Agree With them, Calvinism is unbiblical, The Grace Of God Is For all.  I Would Also Agree With them Concerning not being influenced by culture.  If you're trying to reach a drug addict by using substances yourself, you're not Transformed By The Renewing Of your mind.  This Is Simply One Example.  I Would Also Agree With And Thank Kent Hovind For What he Said In his Creation Seminars, we don't need a guru to tell us What The Bible Says, we Can Study it And Understand It.  That Principle Helped me In my Walk With God.     While I'm In Agreement With The IFB About The Above, this is where to go negative with them: 1) Tithing is not a Christian Doctrine 2) The IFB's claim they only have to obey Romans Through Philemon: All Scripture Is Godbreathed, Is For us Christians, not just Romans Through Philemon, All Of It. 3) Their belief that dancing is a sin: While I would agree if a man is going to clubs to dance, looking to get lucky, looking for a one night stand, this is sinful, dancing at a wedding reception is not sinful in itself, unless the newly weds are considering adultary.  King David Worshiped God With The Dance. 4) Bill Gothard's degrading women: While women are to obey their husbands, this is not a license for a man to be cruel or abusive to his wife.  A husband should never demand sexual intimacy from his wife.  That's abuse.   5) Bart Janz's racial remarks about one particular, ethnic group having the mark of Cain, his beating his daughter, four hours a day, sermonizing it.   6) Lording control over congregations: Saint Peter Wrote In his First Letter For elders to not lord control over The Flock Of God.  These hirling, baptist shepherds controlling congregations is in direct disobedience to The Bible.   7) Sexual abuse scandals covered up 8) Steven Anderson exalting himself, kicking somebody in disagreement with him out of a Service. 9) Jack Hyles: As Much As I Liked Much Of Jack Hyles' Lessons About getting up when you fail, about SoulWinning, about not giving up on God when things get difficult, about who's snake is real, he really crossed the line when he said God would kill people in his congregation if they didn't tithe. 10) They're King James Only Stance: While I Like The KJV, The KJV is NOT The Only Bible WIth Truth.  It's A Wonderful Bible, And there are clearly, false bibles to stay away from such as the message, the passion translation, and the living bible.  NKJV, ESV, NLT Are All Decent Bibles To Use In Addition To The KJV. 11) Their belief the building the walk in on Sunday is, "God's House".  If they Applied All The Bible, not just Romans Through Philemon, they'd Understand God doesn't live in houses made by human hands, The First Christians Met In houses, and God Lives In Heaven, not in a building people attend on Sunday Morning.   12) Their belief it's sinful for women to wear pants or shorts: The Bible does say a woman will not wear what men wear.  No problem.  There are pants specifically made for women.  I don't think for a moment women would want to wear pants made for men anyway.  This idea is excessive.   13) Alcohol is of the devil: While I agree drunkeness is of the devil himself, it is exceeding beyond what Is Written to forbid the use of alcohol.  If one has no problem controlling how much one has, tis is no problem.  If alcohol is a temptaion, if one abuses alcohol, if one is thinking of harming oneself with alcohol, then yes, keep all drinks away from such a person.  This is not to be misunderstood.  This statement is not in favor of the mega church, seeker sensitive idea that it's ok to drink alcohol irresponsibly.   14) A Church is not a building, and there's no such thing as a senior pator In The Bible.  The Church Is A People Redeemed By God's Grace And Mercy, The Label, Chief Shepherd Refferences Jesus Only 15) You, Independent Baptist Preachers, what do you believe, The Bible, or the curriculum which taught you in your college courses? 16) If you believe The Indepepndent Fundamental Baptist Church is the, "true church" Saint Paul would have been rebuked for Writing his Letters To Saint Timothy In Ephesus, To Saint Titus On Crete, he would have had no business calling a meeting with The Ephesian Elders In The Book Of Acts.  The Independent Baptists never allow any outside influence to be considered in their fall walls.   17) A charicature image of what Conservative Doctrine Is: Examples would include having too many children like Bill Gothard proposes; spanking your children out of anger rather than Disciplining them out of love; blaming the sexual assault victim if he or she has been harmed. 18) The cultic mentality of some IFB's that only their denomination or four walls are the TRUE CHURCH, and anybody who's not an IFB is not a Christian.  Are u Saved Because Of Jesus On the Cross or because they joined your church?