Bible Study & Exegesis
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Just what the name says; this is a group for studying the Bible, either verse by verse, or even an entire book of the Bible at a time.
John Stevenson
George Lopez III
Jose Alvarez
God's Warriors Win: Become the Warrior God Created You to Be
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God has already declared the victory! If you are in Christ you too are victorious. Confidence in praying, understanding God's Word, and hearing His voice is not reserved for a select few, but all of His children. You are God's Warrior and guess what! It's time to become the warrior God created you to be.
Tyson Canty
Remnant warriors resting place
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This group is a Christian group that is surrounded around the Holy bible , inspirational posts, church invites, christian news , music posts from you tube, sermon postings , etc
Regina Dowker
EdTech Mission Ventures
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************************** EdTech Mission Ventures ************************** Purpose: Planning how to use 21st Century and Emerging Technologies for the Advancement of the Gospel of Christ, the Kingdom of God and the Great Commission in Christian Educational, Cultural and Social Institutions from a Biblical Worldview rather than a Secular Worldview. If you have skills in this area, you are encouraged to join this group. Affiliate:
Conservatives for Christ!
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Christ followers that love the Lord and supporting the freedom to worship Him in spirit and in truth. In a country that is losing its freedoms and free market ways to a communist way of thinking. No longer shall we watch our freedoms get taken out from our feet. Share all conservative news you hear here. As well as encourage us to keep our eyes on him as we fight to share the gospel and and the truth about the lies spread through our government. Christians are being persecuted more and more everyday. I don’t believe it is a coincidence either the things that are taking place. Feel free to join and share anything new you’ve heard or would like to reel others about.
Julia Pociecha
Andy Boyd
Carol Ann Brown
Overcoming Pornography Addiction - Purity is the new Sexy Coaching!
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The mission of Purity Is The New Sexy Coaching is to rescue spiritually off-track Christian men from there powerlessness to lust by equipping them with keys to freedom from the root causes that are driving them to act out. Also, we offer betrayal trauma coaching for the affected spouse. Coach Rusty Nokes CARC I CARC II - I help success, driven, Christian men from crummy childhoods who are addicted to porn and other unwanted sexual behaviors achieve “Purity is the new Sexy!” by helping them heal from the trauma and wounds that are dr
Rusty Nokes
Ralph Pratt
Steven Dunn