Quiet Corner Productions Faith and Family Outreach
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The Quiet Corner Productions Faith and Family Outreach is where Charles Haddon Spurgeon is spoken, and other Christ-centered and honoring video projects are available for our audience's listening and viewing edification and God's good pleasure. Owned and operated by David Marchuck Barbour, David and his board of directors, have prayed that our heavenly Father would guide them in this outreach. Trusting in the sovereignty and providence of our almighty God, some might say that their prayer has been slow in coming (sound familiar) to fruition, but David and the board are of the heart and mind that if we are the instruments of God, created in Christ Jesus to perform good works, then it is our service to wait upon the Lord Lord to bring to completion what He has begun in the quiet corner of Connecticut. The purpose of this group is to provide updates to our members on what is currently released, under development, and on the horizon, and to say to you, we covet your prayers as we go forward.   
David Barbour
Rodney Harper Miller