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We all have weather. What do you do with the weather? Sunny, Rainy, Cloudy, Snow, Hurricane, Tornado, etc. What are you going to do? And, what does God say about the weather? Noah built an ark.
Thomas Peters Sr
Watchman On The Wall
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Watchmen On The Wall is a group souly for those who are physically and spiritually aware of the things currently going on around them in the world today and fully believe in the fulfillment of prophecy in the Word of God in both New & Old Testiment. If you do not like to discuss end time prophecy, if you do not believe in visions, dreams, or prophetic words etc than this group may not be for you. The group is for discussion and sharing things that God puts on our hearts that deals with the future of the Bride of Christ. Feel free to share videos, articles, scripture, etc and never feel "afraid" to share anything that the Lord has shown you because those in the group believe the same things.
Bridget Marcus
Afeni Nelson
Bill Penn
Bible Study & Exegesis
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Just what the name says; this is a group for studying the Bible, either verse by verse, or even an entire book of the Bible at a time.
John Stevenson
Afeni Nelson
Calvin Berry