A Place of Grace
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This is the name of the first Christian group I started when I discovered the internet in 1999. I had a revelation at that time of the grace of God. This is a place to meet and make friends and talk about your life in God. That has been 25 years and I have grown so much in His grace. I want to pray that you get that revelation as well…. Please join me on this journey!
Richard Hicks
Tie-Dye Mimi
Marriage: God's Creation
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The original plan for marriage has been hijacked and turned upside down and is almost no longer recognizable. Why, you ask? Because many have bought into the lie that "any kind" of marriage is created and welcomed by God. OOPS! No, its not. There's only one marriage: and that is between one man and one woman.
Feeding the Flock Ministry Blog
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