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This group is designed for fellow knitters and crocheters who want to share their work. Feel free to post any works in progress or finished projects.
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We 🥰 Our Pets❣️
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This group is for those of us for whom our pets are important family members. Sometimes we just gotta brag on 'em, share cute pictures, ask a question, or tell about their latest antics to people who "get it." Who are people just like us who understand the joy (and occasional sorrow) our furred, feathered, finned, and scaled family bring to our lives. Who think that Isaiah 11:6-9 is talking about one of the many things we have to look forward to in heaven! Join if you also "get it", introduce us to your best non-human friends and family, and let's share the love! (NO buy/sell ads, NO spamming, NO listings! Rules may change as group grows, check this space!)
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Successfully Satisfied Singles
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Successful: doing it well. Single: by choice or circumstance. Satisfied: not anxious or fearful. Being a Successfully Satisfied Single person, by this group's definition means, you are not actively seeking, praying or hoping to be married. You understand that you could be married someday, but you're not sitting around waiting. This may mean that the group will be small in number, but that's okay. This group caters to this particular audience. This is not a group for male bashing or downplaying marriage. The idea of marriage originated in the Garden of Eden and was created by the Master Creator, God Himself and all of Who He is! Marriage is the greatest institution of all time and done well, according to God's plan, a couple can experience no greater joy in life. As a married woman for nearly 37 years, my greatest regret is that it was way too short. I was so well loved by my husband that I'm completely satisfied remaining the wife of one. We were both so flawed, but my beloved's unconditional love for me taught me about God's love for the human race. We were not perfect but perfect for each other. In my 7 years of being a widow, I have not experienced a day or an hour of longing for another, lonesome, lonely or lusting for another. I've decided I have been given a wonderful gift; the gift of singleness. It is a precious gift God has bestowed to me and I cherish it and steward it well so I can please the Gift Giver. Who will be blessed by joining? 1. You who are single but desire marriage. 2. You who are single & wish to remain single. 3. You who have been married. 4. You who have never married. Let us journey together and be content and fruitful in the state we're in, until or if it changes. You must be willing to embrace the fact that your single season may or may not change. My prayer is that I share some things that will prepare you for either outcome. Until then.... Keep Going❤