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Word OfTruth
“Thus that which I command you to trumpet is an echo of My Word spoken to this generation, so those who have heard and receive My Word, who also heed My calling, may seek out its sound to be blessed i... View More
Word OfTruth
(Regarding modern false prophets) “Thus says The Lord: The false prophets gather, and the deceitful teachers increase in number like a plague; a great company who pollute My holy name in one accord, ... View More
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Devin Almonte
I found my devotional (Morning and Evening by Spurgeon) rather timely today with the big prayer event happening in Washington, D.C. today about returning to God by coming before His presence in humili... View More
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Deleted User
What a lovely and gloriously generously written post. Thank you so much for sharing this!
October 1, 2020
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