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Southern gospel artist/musician. I’ve been playing music and singing since I was 3 years old. Written 70 songs and produced 5 recording projects. Owner of Southern Cross Records. Received NACMAI Horizon award and video of the year award in 2007. Can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store in the future. God bless you all!
Yvette Medina Music
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From the heart of the Rocky Mountains in the Southern Colorado, Yvette has been sharing her passion for Jesus and the message of the Gospel through music.  Yvette has a unique sound by combining Contemporary Christian Music with Southern Gospel. Her album “I Cling to Jesus” has helped and inspired many as she strives to bring encouragement to those dealing with difficult life situations. Yvette has a Christmas album called “All I Want for Christmas” and she has just finished her “So What” project with the goal of this project to bring light and share the meaning and reasons of why Christians believe the Gospel.  To find more about Yvette Medina, visit her website at:
Yvette Medina
Chris Collings
Harry Fulkerson
Terry MacAlmon
Terry MacAlmon (born May 12, 1955) is an American Christian singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, worship leader and author. He is known for writing the popular song 'I Sing Praises', that has been a Top 40 Christian song around the world and is still regularly sung in many churches. The song was published by Integrity Music in 1989 and is included in many modern hymnals. He heads a worship music Christian ministry based in Frisco, Texas and travels leading worship in conferences, retreats, worship seminars, and churches throughout the United States, and internationally. As of 2019 MacAlmon has sold an estimated number of 2 million albums worldwide and has two gold albums. In 2010 he received the GMA UK Lifetime Achievement Award for Exceptional Contribution to worship music. In 2008 his album Holy! was nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year at the 39th Annual Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.
Robin Prijs
Afenian ReHaveNice
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