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By purchasing a My Personalized Bible or making a donation, you will help us provide for missionaries, fund outreach programs, and operate My Personalized Bible, all with the goal of spreading the Word of God and sharing the name of Jesus with the world.
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James Bartlett
In HIS Name HR is a human resources outsourcing and consulting firm created to help organizations pilot the complex issues of managing human resources within their organizations.  What We Do We help you develop your Vision, your Mission, and your Core Values. Many business professionals stop there. We take it further- We help you integrate your core values into your Human Resources practices. This will: Memorialize your standards Provide guiding principles in all you do Make your values easily understood by employees Drive a values-based culture with your customers We believe that employees who work for an outwardly values based organization are committed at a different level than those in non-values based organizations. Employees are more likely to go the extra mile, to trust their leadership, to deliver on their promises and be led by those who demonstrate servant leadership, because they can! Makes Financial Sense Leading an Organization with values just makes business sense. Values centered organizations experience: Lower absenteeism Higher quality products Less employee morale issues Safer work environments Better perceptions by customers and vendors
James Bartlett
Pastor Cory Jackson
Steven Dunn