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Stephenie Thompson
on February 21, 2024
Love is not fleeting, feelings are. Love is many things but fleeting is not one of them.
Love says "I will stay by your side when no one else will." Love says "I will walk with you through any circumstance, even when the outcome is uncertain." That's love.
How do we know this is love? Jesus.
Jesus loves us despite our sin. He loves broken people, and he brings us close despite our being unloveable.
Not only did we do nothing to earn Christ's love, we actually do things daily that would push him away from us.
Yet, he still loves us. He, knowing every sin and shortcoming we would have from the day we are born until the day we die, still chose to give himself as payment for our sin.
He lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died. That's love.
And that's how we know that love is something we act upon, not something that is fleeting and unpredictable.
Love is predictable. Love is sure. Love is there no matter what. Just like Christ.
May your relationship be filled with "predictable love" that comes from being loved so relentlessly by Christ.
Love fiercely,
Ryan & Selena Frederick
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