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Stephenie Thompson
on March 17, 2024
Wives, you have more power than you may realize when you speak to your husband. What effect are your words having on his heart?
Is your tone edifying and encouraging? Or is it laced with frustration and impatience?
Is your timing beneficial? Or can timing be sometimes used for leverage or to vent stress?
Does your vocabulary trend toward positivity? Or has complaining become commonplace?
Your husband is not necessarily fragile, but he is definitely human...just like you.
It's important to understand that you have access to the deepest parts of his heart (he's let you in) and what you say impacts him more than you may know.
Remember that you have the ability to give life or to destroy with your words. Use your heart-access to encourage and build up. You'll find that God will use you to help your husband grow closer to him and into the man God is calling him to be.
Caveat: a husband's words are just as powerful, but this post is simply meant to encourage the ladies. 🙂
Speak life and stay fierce,
#fiercemarriage #love #marriage.
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