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Lucifer and The Father
on April 22, 2024
🎬 Join Our Film Project and Get Exclusive Credits! πŸ’«
We're thrilled to offer a special opportunity to be part of our film project! For a $1000 contribution, you'll receive a coveted co-producer credit in the film. While we won't seek creative input for this credit, it's an exclusive chance to play a vital role in our project.
We understand this contribution level may not be feasible for everyone, so even a $100 donation will earn your name a spot in the credits under special thanks. And for those who donate $100 or more, you'll gain VIP access to see the film before its official release through secure email.
Plus, a heartfelt thank you to all contributors! Your generosity and support mean the world to us, and everyone who donates will be acknowledged with special thanks in the credits.
Thank you for helping bring our vision to life! πŸ™
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Dimension: 1080 x 1080
File Size: 2.16 Mb