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Lucas Tsiorbas
on April 28, 2024
While I don't hate Protestantism, I will confess it's all about agendas. Protestantism, although says it's Sola Scriptura, it is not. Each Denomination selects only a handful of Scriptures to build it's doctrines, and they use whatever traditions they choose while throwing away Other Passages Of The Bible. If you Believe The Entire Bible, and Denominations toss aside Bible Passages that do not fit their agenda, but you Accept Those Passages Of Scripture As Truth, these same Denominations will be against you. They accuse us of not Believing The Bible, we Have More Bible Readings During Divine Liturgy than they have Bible Passages building their Denomination. Dr Walter Martin once said, you're not at liberty to pick and choose what you want. You Believe The Bible, or you don't. One woman who Converted To Orthodoxy said she couldn't find Truth In Protestant Churches. That's because they pick and choose. If you Believe The Whole Bible, you become an enemy of denominationalism.
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