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Kenneth Spann
on June 18, 2024
June 2024, Genesis Baptist Church, Wilburton, OK
Saturday Baptism at the park. Earnest having received Christ as his Saviour was baptized this last Saturday. We went to the park, and found a boat ramp not being used, and it made a great baptistery. Earnest’s family and others who attend Genesis Baptist Church turned out to watch. As Pastor Weber completed the baptism, park visitors from across the water on a balcony applauded the baptism. This was truly a public profession of faith. As of the time of this update, five more are scheduled to be baptized the next Saturday.
Since my last update, we have had at least one Salvation each and every week. It appeared the week just completed would end with no Salvations. However, during the Sunday morning invitation two people came forward to ask Jesus to be their Saviour. One of them would complete a family of others who, at an earlier time, had already asked Christ to save them. This was indeed a blessing!
Sunday morning attendance these last two weeks have been a blessing with 10 on Sunday June 9th and 3 first time visitors, 15 on Sunday June 16th with 2 first time visitors. Thursday June 13th we had 13 with 4 first time visitors.
Bro Tom Fenn from Poteau Valley Baptist Church (my home church) came once again this month as guest preacher, and his daughters sang a song. His son played the invitation on our keyboard again. We look forward to their next visit.
Last month I remarked about the return of our sewer issue. We do have it working again, including the adding of additional clean outs. We obtained some advice on how to keep it working because of the way it is laid out. Please pray that we will be able to keep it all good and working.
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