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Precious Herring
on February 22, 2021
Happy Birthday Grandma. (Grandma Olivia Hall on the right and her twin on the left) I still really miss you. There are so many things I never told you. You were the most faithful person I ever known. You taught me to trust God and be a strong young woman. No matter how many years go by I will NEVER forget you! REST IN Heaven!!! Diane Dunn Steven Dunn
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Steven Dunn
She sounded like a mighty woman of God.
February 23, 2021
Naomi Waters
Take comfort in knowing she is with our Lord Yeshua. And soon, we His children will all be there with her. The time is near to His coming! She will be riding a white horse and wearing a white robe, Praise the Lord!
March 7, 2021