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Tyson Canty
on May 7, 2021
One morning my 3 year old daughter asked for orange juice to drink with her breakfast. Her dad poured it into a green plastic cup with a straw. He sat it in front of her and she refused to drink her entire meal. She wouldn't even take a sip.
Why? She was convinced because the cup was green her drink was green. No matter how hard her dad tried to convince her otherwise she sat cotton-mouthed. It wasn't until the lid was removed and she peered inside did she believe him. She giggled and downed her orange juice without hesitation.
What my 3 year old saw made her doubt the authenticity of the orange juice. She could have quenched her thirst a long time ago.
How many of us when we encounter something new from God we doubt it's authenticity? And when we doubt the authenticity of our blessing we are in fact doubting Him.
We know God would never harm us or give us something He didn't approve, but because it wasn't packaged how we thought it should be, we delay our promotion, healing, deliverance, or that next level in Him.
Don't miss your blessing because of how it looks.
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