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Tyson Canty
on August 23, 2021
Have you ever called someone and requested they wear one hat of expertise over another to help you with a problem? For example, you may have called a relative and said, "I don't need to speak to my mom, dad, uncle, etc. I need to speak to Attorney ____ or Dr. _____." Or vice versa. "I'm not speaking to Dr. _____. I need to speak to my friend or auntie."
Depending on the circumstances you need the other person to wear a particular hat, whether professional or personal.
The same is true with God. We know He is God the Father and Creator, but there are times we need to speak to a certain aspect of His character. You don't want to call on the Mighty Warrior God when you need wisdom, or call on His peaceful side when you need Him to provide your next meal.
When you call upon the Lord, call upon the name of God that can answer your need.
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