Farley Dunn
on October 29, 2021
On Today, October 29
Cassius Clay, who later restyled himself as Muhammad Ali, had his first professional fight in 1960.
Clay went six rounds with Tunney Hunsaker in Louisville, KY, and took the match on points.
Out of 61 total fights in his career, Clay won 56 (with 37 knockouts) and took only 5 losses. He lost his final fight in 2016 at the age of 74 and is buried at Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville, KY.
Clay (Or Ali, if you prefer) is shown in 1967 at age 25.
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An amazing athlete. I heard that the Beatles met him early in their career as part of a promotional tour, and when they left, Ali asked, "Now, who are those guys?"
November 2, 2021
Farley Dunn
That’s a funny story. The Beatles must not have hit international fame at the time!
November 2, 2021