Fasting Forward
on December 24, 2021
"Fasting Must Be In Secret"?
Open discussions about fasting and prayer is part of healthy, regular, church discipleship, as we learn and grow together. As people learn about fasting and prayer, there are questions, concerns, and observations that arise. And since Christianity is not a cold dead religion that is closed to questioning, it's important and valuable to be free to openly discuss our questions That's how we grow and learn together as a Body.
Please don't leave ugly comments about how "fasting is supposed to be in private". Indeed everyone is WELL AWARE that when we fast we aren't to announce it with a bull horn from the rooftop FOR THE PURPOSE OF receiving attention and admiration from others. So instead of broadcasting our fast for the purpose of gaining praise from people, realize we are free to ask questions, talk about our experiences, but we want to make sure our motive is a heart after God, not the praises of men.
If you are so rigid and religious that you believe the ONLY motive a person can POSSIBLY have for talking about fasting, is the motive of trying to draw attention to oneself, then this page is not for you.
But for anyone who is sincere and genuinely wants to understand fasting, I pray this Page ministers Life and Truth to you! Let us learn together, amen! Be blessed!
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Farley Dunn
I agree that if we fast for spiritual recognition, we are delving into pride. If we fast and share that to build up others, we are walking in the truth of the Word.
December 27, 2021