Fasting Forward
on December 24, 2021
Some churches ban conversations regarding fasting, effectively putting everyone under the Law of the verse that says fasting should be done in secret. Unfortunately they have taken that verse completely out of its context, completely missing the point of that Scripture!
To suggest that all fasting must be done in secret, is to pervert the Scriptures. Corporate fasts were and are, a regular part of the Christian life. The word "corporate" indicates that it is shared openly as community --- definitely NOT "in secret". Small home groups often fast together, just as they did throughout the Bible, and as they gather together they discuss their progress, their questions, and their revelations. This was and is, consistent with the Scriptural context of fasting.
If you read the Scriptures in the context they were presented, the REASON Jesus told us to not broadcast our fasting, was to stop people from doing it publicly FOR THE PURPOSE of gaining recognition, praise, attention, admiration from people.
Fasting individually or together as a group, and openly discussing your questions, concerns, observations and revelations, is NOT under a "gag order"! Just check your heart to make sure your motive is not the "praises of men", but is to grow in intimacy with the Lord.
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