Word OfTruth
on February 28, 2022
"Thus says The Lord: I have stretched out My hands all day long to a stubborn people, who walk in a way that is not good; a people who do not obey My voice, nor will they incline the ear, but do always follow the counsels and dictates of their own evil hearts; a most rebellious generation who provoke Me to anger continually to My face! For they seek always a way to retain their corrupt riches, a way to hide their shame, as they uplift themselves to new heights in vanity - false glory! Yea they build great and lavish houses, setting each one upon the shifting sands of man-made religion, perverse tradition and the corrupt doctrines of men; behold, even their steeples seek to pierce Heaven!... Woe, therefore, to this adulterous people! Woe to all these women dressed in fine apparel! They are all as strangers to Me! For they worship another god, and within their churches they teach the people of another messiah, one which they themselves have created! THESE ARE NOT OF MY BODY! THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE ME!"
Excerpt from: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/Women_in_Mourning
"Women in Mourning" - The Volumes of Truth
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