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Bontha Tilak
on April 21, 2022
hello belivers in Christ and friends Iam tilakbontha gospal social worker Iam service in poor and needy people in India but Iam not a rich man Iam also poor Iam counducting distributing cloths poor and old age people and counducting educational camps for poor students throught donations and gospal services so inthat time Iam suffering I have no money and no donations comeing preasent Iam waiting clothsas(wears)and note books etc…..distrubution poor needy students so iwant second hand vedio camcorder if you any one donated god bleess you and your family ….thank you my wattsapp:+919666266146. Tilakbontha
Dimension: 1200 x 675
File Size: 322.53 Kb
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