Word OfTruth
on May 13, 2022
"Beloved, you are never alone! Here I am, with you and in you!... The blood in your veins, of which you have drank and accepted, the very salt in your tears, healing tears brought forth from a sincere and contrite heart, manifest in the eyes of the redeemed.
Oh My beloved, let Me wipe them away, even every one, numbering them, accounting them unto love’s purpose; even as that which was poured out from My side, which must be received in Me and from Me, even as Eve was given to Adam... And so it is with My Bride, both taken and given and received, and brought forth of the same.
Beloved, I am The Fulfillment of All Things! In My arms heaven and earth pass away; only perfect fulfillment remains!... You and I united, love’s completion; your image, Mine, Father and son; The Father’s joy accomplished. I have loved you all your life, even from the foundation of the world. Even upon the cross, I knew you and loved you, remembering you in My Kingdom. Beloved, those with Me have never departed; at no time have I ever lost one The Father has given Me."
~ Says The Lord
Excerpt from: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/The_Voice_of_Truth
"The Voice of Truth" - The Volumes of Truth
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