Word OfTruth
on June 10, 2022
“Thus says The Lord God: This world has altogether become a house of harlots, a whole generation who ceases not from committing fornication with the pagan and the heathen, reveling always in those things I hate! - A most perverse generation who desecrates the name of The Messiah, a foolish people who do always take the name of The Lord in vain!
Behold, all remain shackled to this world, captivated by sin, caught up in the ways of the world and men! Even those within the churches of men will not heed My voice, nor will they receive My correction; choosing rather to mingle honor with dishonor, praise with blasphemy, and purity with sin!”
“Repent, therefore, and give Me glory; worship Me in spirit and in truth, and call upon The Name! For He alone shall deliver you in the Day of Wrath, if you so choose to embrace Him as He truly is; He being the very same who shall also destroy the wicked and bring terrible judgment upon the rebellious, upon great and small, rich and poor, bond and free, upon all who forsake My Law and push out the hand against the Word of My Commandment! For by Him were you made a vessel unto honor, yet you have all become vessels of dishonor, heaping to yourselves vanities and sin!”
“Peoples of the earth, the Wrath of The Lamb is coming!
Did you think I would stay silent during the time appointed?!
Did you think I would not set the time and declare the season?!...”
“Come to Me, therefore, in sincerity and in truth;
Humble yourselves in The Messiah’s name...
For He is The True Light, utterly void of darkness,
The Only Way to follow, The Truth Absolute;
By Him alone shall you walk into everlasting life...
For only those who walk in Him shall find Me,
And only those in union with Him shall know Me…”
Says The Lord
Excerpts From: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/Transgression
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