Steven Smith
on June 28, 2022
馃How We Can Live Forever馃
CAN you tell what the little girl and her friends are reading? Yes, it is this very book that you are reading鈥擬y Book of Bible Stories. And they are reading the very story that you are鈥斺淗ow We Can Live Forever.鈥
Do you know what they are learning? First, that we need to know about Jehovah and his Son Jesus if we are to live forever. The Bible says: 鈥楾his is the way to live forever. Learn about the only true God, and the Son he sent to earth, Jesus Christ.鈥
How can we learn about Jehovah God and his Son Jesus? One way is by reading My Book of Bible Stories from beginning to end. It tells a lot about Jehovah and Jesus, doesn鈥檛 it? And it tells a lot about the things that they have done and the things that they will yet do. But we need to do more than just read this book.
Do you see the other book lying on the floor? It鈥檚 the Bible. Have someone read to you the parts from the Bible on which the stories of this book are based. The Bible gives us the full information we need so that we can all serve Jehovah in the right way and get everlasting life. So we should make it a habit to study the Bible often.
But just learning about Jehovah God and Jesus Christ is not enough. We could have lots and lots of knowledge about them and their teachings, and yet not gain everlasting life. Do you know what else is needed?
We also need to live in harmony with the things we learn. Do you remember Judas Is路car使i路ot? He was one of the 12 that Jesus chose to be his apostles. Judas had a lot of knowledge about Jehovah and Jesus. But what happened to him? After a while he became selfish, and he betrayed Jesus to his enemies for 30 pieces of silver. So Judas will not receive everlasting life.
Do you remember Ge路ha使zi, the man we learned about in Story 69? He wanted to have some clothes and money that did not belong to him. So he told a lie to get these things. But Jehovah punished him. And he will punish us too if we do not obey his laws.
But there are many good people who always served Jehovah faithfully. We want to be like them, don鈥檛 we? Little Samuel is a good example to follow. Remember, as we saw in Story 55, he was only four or five years old when he started serving Jehovah at his tabernacle. So no matter how young you are, you are not too young to serve Jehovah.
Of course, the person we all want to follow is Jesus Christ. Even when he was a boy, as shown in Story 87, he was there in the temple talking to others about his heavenly Father. Let鈥檚 follow his example. Let鈥檚 tell as many people as we can about our wonderful God Jehovah and his Son, Jesus Christ. If we do these things, then we will be able to live forever in God鈥檚 new paradise on earth.
Bible Study Questions.
1. How We Can Live Forever
What do we need to know if we are to live forever?
2. How can we learn about Jehovah God and Jesus, as shown by the little girl and her friends in the picture?
3. What other book do you see in the picture, and why should we read it often?
4. Besides learning about Jehovah and Jesus, what else is needed to gain everlasting life?
5. What lesson do we learn from Story 69?
6. What does the good example of little Samuel in Story 55 show?
7. How can we follow the example of Jesus Christ, and if we do, what will we be able to do in the future?
Additional questions:
Read John 17:3.
1. How do the Scriptures show that taking in knowledge of Jehovah God and Jesus Christ means more than merely memorizing facts? (Matt. 7:21; Jas. 2:18-20; 1 John 2:17)
Read Psalm 145:1-21.
2. What are some of the many reasons we have for praising Jehovah? (Ps. 145:8-11; Rev. 4:11)
3. How is Jehovah 鈥済ood to all,鈥 and how should this draw us ever closer to him? (Ps. 145:9; Matt. 5:43-45)
4. If Jehovah is dear to our heart, what will we be moved to do?
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