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on October 2, 2020
Heavenly Father,
So many of your children cry out, and I only hear a few. Their cries echo throughout the fullness of human existence and lament centuries of pain and sadness. Today, our world shares grief and worry over family, business, health, and politics. With all this turmoil, we have the unique blessing to rest in the stillness of You.
Peace of mind, despite the clanging needs and desires of this world, comes from trusting you completely. Thank You for this silence. Thank you for the mental vacation with Your Living Water to refresh us.
Ah, this desert of need, we place ourselves in, Father. You have watched each generation roll like a wave bringing accomplishments, technologies and fascinations of various kinds.
Amid all that noise, the stillness of hearing Your voice calms every storm, lifts my hands as I sing to You! Oh yes, we praise You in the storm. We praise You in the quiet.
Through all this, we grow to love You more every day, because You gave us this ability, this desire to know you.
Thank You for moments of loud worship, and for the quiet ones, too. Thank You for making your voice ever louder and stronger in my soul!
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