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on October 3, 2020
When I talk to my not-yet-Christian friends, and hear their confusion about why we were created, why there is so much pain in life and how they find little and no meaning, I'm grateful I'm a Christian. I hadn't looked at my pre-baptized life with such a clear gaze, as when I speak with them. It's a reminder of how I turned to sin and human philosophies before God sent me a kind brave woman to turn on His lamp in my darkness.
God softened my heart. No longer of stone, it absorbed God like a desert drinks water! I pray for my friends who suffer by their own self inflicted wounds, and I pray for the words and timing to offer more than comfort, but Hope and telling them about Jesus.
I know that when folks are not spiritual, they cannot HEAR nor believe things unseen, as we do. I pray for them with a full and expectant heart, because I know God does things in His order and in decency.
He will call me, then He will qualify me to share what He's been showing me. For now, I'm so happy to feel my own faith grow as I pray for them.
I hope y'all are having a really super day!
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