Petra Rushing
on August 23, 2022
While His Love for us is not dependant on us....good behavior, proper speech, good works or even whether we believe in Him and love Him back at all. But and it's a big But....our choice to either believe in Him and love Him back or not, WILL determine where we spend Eternity. If we choose faith in Jesus, we get to enter Heaven and Eternity with Him. If we choose to reject His Love and Sacrifice on the Cross, we'll spend Eternity separated from Him in a place called the Lake of fire (the second death). Choose wisely and live for Him. You won't regret that choice. You will however regret the other option if you so choose to go that way.
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Diane Marston
Thank you Petra. You lift me up. 💜✝️💞🙏
August 31, 2022
Tie-Dye Mimi
Was the devotional part of these from the "Who Is God?" reading plan on YouVersion? I know I have read it before & that was actually the best plan I have read so far on YV. I would have given 20 ⭐ if I could have. I need to read it again sometime. I enjoyed it so much. This is a great post thank yo... View More
August 31, 2022