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Prophetic Word
on August 24, 2022
“For I am not without mercy.
And though of your houses I shall make a full end, I shall not make a full end of you. And though I break you, and you lie down in death for My name’s sake, I will not forsake you utterly as the wicked. For they shall go into perpetual darkness, a void of lifeless nothingness, forever. No, I will not leave you to the worms who devour, nor allow your flesh to rot, nor shall any man tread upon your corpses. Behold, I shall gather you to Myself, and you shall wail upon My bosom, with many tears, until your soul runs dry and you are healed.
And never again shall you walk in the ways of the world and men, nor in evil, to your own hurt. From Me you shall never again depart, and in MY life you shall walk all of your days, until time has lost all meaning, even forever and ever, singing songs to the praise of My glory. And you shall be My joy, says The Lord who made you, even He who purchased you in My own blood. For as The Son is one with The Father, and The Father with The Son, so shall you be one in Him and Him in you, forever. Thus as it is written, so shall it be: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Amen.”
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