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Ammie Bouwman
on August 27, 2022
If you were to ask a gardener when they prune their fruit trees, they would say, "in the early spring, before buds breakthrough and while trees are still dormant." Farmers and gardeners prune for many reasons. Not only does this allow sunlight to enter the center of the tree, but it encourages new shoots, improves the tree's strength, and reduces the potential for disease.
I re-read John 15 with this information and see why we must allow God to prune us. Read that again. Allow God. Have you ever invited God into your life and asked Him to cut off your dead branches? I did. When we ask God to renew us and our way of thinking, pruning is the only way.
He must cut away so His light can shine in our lives. He needs to cut back our dead branches so that He can do something new. He needs to cut away at our old way of thinking, the lies we believe, and the faulty foundation we've been trying to stand on.
Today, invite Jesus to be the Gardener of your heart and hand Him over the pruning shears. Let Him do a new work in you. Amen
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