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Ammie Bouwman
on August 29, 2022
How often do we start out confidently, walking on top of our situations, and then begin to sink? I've been like Peter, invited to come and walk towards Jesus, but as soon as I get out of the boat and start my journey toward Him, I see the wind and the waves. But that's not truly my problem. The wind and the waves were there when I got out of the boat. My problem is the same as Peter's, and maybe yours; we take our eyes off Jesus. And that is when we begin to sink.
I want to encourage you today as we start this new week, as you're getting out of the boat and preparing to take your journey: keep your eyes on the One who can calm the wind and the waves - keep your eyes on Jesus! When we do that, we can walk on top of every situation. He will carry us through!
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