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on September 6, 2022
“…Do I call you to serve Me? I do, if you are willing to serve Me in all righteousness, without compromise. Do I then require that you be perfect? No. For there is none perfect, save The Holy One of Israel. Rather I require that you strive to be unto Me a servant of pure heart, of pure intention, a disciple who loves Me with all his heart, understanding and strength, and also loves his neighbor as himself. For it is written and remains standing, that one can not be crowned unless they strive lawfully.” Says The Lord
Excerpt from “Blessed Are Those Who Overcome for My Name’s Sake” The Volumes of Truth https://tinyurl.com/6477r2uh
PURITY - Bible Letter Study https://tinyurl.com/58ev6r8z
1 Purity Part One: Purity is Important to God
1.1 Purity of Heart and Mind
1.2 Purity of Life
1.3 Living Sacrifices
1.4 To Achieve Purity of Heart and Mind, One Must Continually Call Upon The Lord in Prayer
2 Purity Part Two: Avoiding Sin
2.1 The Ten Commandments - God’s Holy Law
2.2 Other Sins
2.3 All Sin Is Sin, and Requires Forgiveness; Repent, and Ask For Forgiveness, and It Shall Be Given
2.4 Follow Me
3 Purity Part Three: True Repentance
3.1 True Repentance in The Scriptures of Truth
3.2 True Repentance in The Volumes of Truth
4 Purity Part Four: Purification Through the Word of God
4.1 The Word of God Purifies His People
4.2 Psalm 119
5 Purity Part Five: Purified in the Spirit
6 Purity Part Six: Purified Through the Blood of Messiah
6.1 I Am The Passover and The Lamb, The New Covenant with Men
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