Brandon Bellinger
on September 23, 2022
I think we should be really careful on what toys we buy our kids for a lot of reasons. A lot of them promote a lot of Satanism, and they love to target kids. Why? Simple, because kids are easy to manipulate when the brain is in the early development stage. Ever heard of the phrase monkey see monkey do? Well when a child sees its parent or adults in general doing something wrong and they do know, they will copy that same behavior. So what does it have to do with toys? Simple, in a way they have some type of witchcraft attached to it that makes them want that type of toy or object. Remember the brain is mysterious in such a way we can't even explain how certain parts of it work. If you had a ice cube and convinced someone it was a hot piece of charcoal the brain would register that as charcoal not ice in turn it would make at least a 3rd degree burn. See what I mean? I encourage parents and the multitude to research this as much as possible. There's also some verses 8n the bible that might explain it more
Matthew 6:22-23
Hebrews 12 :2
2 Timothy 2:16-17
Ephesians 5:3-7
James 1:26
1 Peter 3:10
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