Word OfTruth
on November 27, 2022
“Thus that which I command you to trumpet is an echo of My Word spoken to this generation, so those who have heard and receive My Word, who also heed My calling, may seek out its sound to be blessed in it, for further edification, as a continual song drawing them to its Source.
Yet most refuse to hear, clasping their hands over their ears; rather embracing this world and its seductive song, which leads quickly down the wide path to destruction. For to the dull of hearing and to the wicked of heart, whose tongues testify to their own demise, whose ears are attuned to evil, their thoughts and musings contemptible, My Letters and My Word in the Scriptures of Truth have become a stern warning, an unrelenting siren blowing continually on the wall which ceases not from tormenting their corrupted souls; as fire upon their skin, as sand in their eyes, as burning wax dripping into their ears.” Says The Lord
Excerpt From: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/The_Voice_of_The_Almighty_God
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