Word OfTruth
on November 28, 2022
"Thus says The Lord, The God of Israel, The Only Lord of Hosts: My anger is aroused and shall not be quenched, until every tall tower is torn down and shaken to dust, and not one fenced city is left standing! In My hot displeasure, I shall turn My hand against the earth, and smite every bird, beast and crawling thing! Every fish shall die, every creature of the sea shall perish, when I strike the waters! I shall not relent nor turn back, until every blade of grass is burned up, and every tree has been stricken and bears neither leaf nor fruit! The earth shall be forsaken for a time and made utterly desolate, with the kingdoms of men left in ruins!"
Excerpt from: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/Culmination
"Culmination" - The Volumes of Truth
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