Word OfTruth
on December 4, 2022
“Thus says The Lord to this generation, the last of these kingdoms of men: Why do you kick your foot against The Stone, and shake your fists at Heaven when faced with The Truth? You are like a lost traveler without a home, and like the beast of the field you have no shelter. Thus your wisdom is wind, and your every ambition a fool’s aspiration.
Yet in My love, I laid for you an everlasting foundation upon which you were to stand. And in My mercy I constructed high walls, made with the finest stone, to protect you, even from yourselves, engraven stones touched by the finger of God. Yet you seek to remove the immovable and hide that which can not be hidden, denying that which is self-evident, as you endeavor to scrape off the writing thereof. Shall you deface The Commandments of God to justify your sins, desecrating The Moral Law to allay your guilt?! The Commandments are a lamp and The Law a light, reproof and instruction, a way of life. And shall you now also attempt to hew out The Cornerstone and cast it into the depths of the sea?!
O most foolish and deceived generation, can anyone cut out their own heart and live?...
And who is able to walk alone in darkness, without a light to guide them?...
Who shall uphold them when they stumble or catch them when they fall? Who will bind up their wounds?…
O ignorant and confused generation, deceived peoples, The Stone which you seek to cast off is LIFE, your only salvation!” Says The Lord
Excerpt From: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/Embrace_The_Cornerstone,_Wherein_Flows_Springs_of_Living_Water
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