Word OfTruth
on January 11, 2023
“They refuse to see, their eyes are blinded! They will not listen, their ears are unclean! They cover their faces and stop their ears! Foolish people, most wicked generation, I do not know you! Fill up then the full measure of your error, according to the perverse doctrines of your fathers! Bear the sin of your heresies, drink from the cup of your blasphemies, to the fullest!
Yes, I hear your songs and your spiritual hymns, offered up to God... HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME! I see your uplifted hands, and I hear all these prayers offered up in the name of Christ... HE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME!
Perverse generation, the Day of The Lord is here; yes, I have declared it! In these very Letters and by My servants, I have made it known! Lo, through this man I have spoken it, for he does seek to honor Me... I HAVE BROUGHT GLORY TO MY NAME! Yet you have hated both Me and My Word! You have rejected the voice of The Living God, you have loathed the messengers of The Most High! Therefore shall I also reject you, for your ways are loathsome in My sight! I have left you in famine, and now I shall leave you utterly desolate.”
Says The Lord
Excerpt From: https://www.thevolumesoftruth.com/Spiritual_Famine
🎬 Video (with voice over) https://youtu.be/k9UeygFMgEQ
*Also See: Regarding the Churches of Men https://bit.ly/3ZFXMci
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