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Prophetic Word
on March 11, 2023
“Beloved, come and be filled with the joy of The Lord, which never fades, nor does it slumber, nor will it ever pass away; a flood of joy flowing into the innermost parts of your being, cascading through your spirit, reaching deep into that hidden place known only to The Lord; a place crafted by My own fingertips, delicately fashioned so those of the flesh may know Me, unlocked and opened by the trusting in and the knowledge of The Greatest of All Loves...
A love which surpasses time and space, life and death, a place of perfect peace, yea inside pure and undefiled love; love of such a kind, cleansing every part seen and unseen, known and unknown; the love of such power and majesty, even that which has been corrupted is restored in the image of God... From grace to Grace, from light to The Light...
My glory shown in you and through you, bright and shining, a flame brought forth from My own glory, shared with My beloved forever; a flame which can never be put out, nor can it flicker, nor shall it be covered over again, for where I am there is no darkness at all!"
~ Says The Lord YahuShua
Excerpt from:
"The Voice of Truth" - The Volumes of Truth
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